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Brianna Nam ’18: Fresh From The Runway

Name: Brianna Nam

Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Major: Communications for now. I’m switching to something else, but it’s a surprise!

Year: 2018

Involvement: Her Campus WPUNJ

Fun Fact: I play the piano

Favorite Quote: “If you let people’s perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.” – Mr. Feeny



Brianna Nam joined Her Campus WPUNJ as a quiet freshman last year. A soft-spoken writer with a unique dedication for HCWPUNJ, she managed to standout in our new group of team members. In her short time at WPUNJ, Brianna has come out of her shell and she’s become one of HCWPUNJ’s prominent members. With a great smile and lively humor that makes her incredibly appoachable, it’s no surprise that Brianna was asked to model in this year’s Her Campus College Fashion Week. We were so proud to see her on the catwalk and this is why she’s this week’s campus celebrity! 

HC: How did you get selected to walk in CFW? What was the process like?

BN: I found out about it through Instagram. I went to the college fashion week website and I filled out this application form then I tagged them in one of my photos on Instagram. A week later they emailed me saying I was selected for College Fashion Week. After I was selected, they instructed me to send my sizes and height. Once that photo was sent I spent the next two weeks anxiously waiting for Oct. 10th to come!

HC: What was your favorite moment of your experience as a model? 

BN: I enjoyed the bond I formed with the other models, we were all lost and confused. I believe it was everyone’s first time modeling in a fashion show. We were all excited to get glammed up and strut our stuff on a catwalk!

HC: What was your most eye opening moment of the day? 

BN: The moment before I walked down the runway. I feel like that was the moment when everything became real for me. I was shaking in my boots, literally! I could feel my heart beating fast and adrenaline was rushing through my entire body and making me nauseous. But as soon as I hit that stage I brushed off those jitters and “werked” it.

HC: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? 

BN: I hope to be more involved this year. I don’t want another year to pass by and find myself in same place where I started. I just want to soak up everything college has to offer.

HC: If you were to give your younger-self a piece of advice, what would it be?

BN: I have two pieces of advice to give to my younger-self. Be happy with who you are and stop comparing yourself to others. During my younger years, I would compare my accomplishments with other people. I would feel like a failure all the time. I’ve learned that everyone has a season of opportunity. I know now that I should patiently wait for my season instead of rushing it and screwing up everything. As I’m going through my sophomore year I’ve learned to stop caring about what others think of me and to just live life. I used to compromise myself to please others and it made me question my identity. I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God, therefore I am content with myself. Nothing in this world can take that joy away from me.

HC: What has been your greatest achievement here at WPUNJ? 

BN: Since going here I have developed a self-confidence that I never experienced in my life. Every day, I am molded into the young woman I was meant to be. 

Priscilla Cordero is a collegiette from WPUNJ. She is an Anthropology major with a double minor in Music Studies and Media Studies. She is a writer and holds the managing for HCWPUNJ. Her passions include culture, diversity, social justice awareness, feminism, positivity, creativity, and music. She is a member of the Honors College on her campus. In March 2014 Priscilla was awarded HCWPUNJ's Best Polls, Best Celebrities, and Most Spirited. A Jersey girl at heart, but she has New York City dreams. She loves to attend concerts, sing, read fashion magazines, travel, and blog (tumblr included)! 
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