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Bob Belcher

To go along with this week's "food" theme, we got a very special interview with a very famous NJ chef!

Name: Robert "Bob" Belcher, Jr

Year: Alumni

Hometown: Ocean City, New Jersey

Major: Restaurant Management

Activities/clubs: Burger Lovers Anonymous

Relationship status: married Linda Belcher September 3, 1991

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: “Are you drunk enough to be any fun yet?" -my wife when she forces me out of the house

Dream vacation: the Bahamas

Dream job: Celebrity Chef

Pet peeve: when Gene plays fart sounds through his Casio SK-5 keyboard

Celeb crush: John Travolta

Love Life

First thing you notice about a girl: her appetite

Your most attractive quality: my ability to be really fun when I'm drunk

First kiss: It was under the wonder wharf pier

Turn-on: if she knows how to work a grill

Turn-off: cats, I'm allergic to cat fur

Perfect date: one with alcohol and not much socializing with others


TV Show: Archer

Book: The Burger Bible

Sport: I once tried wind surfing

Food: Do I really need to answer this one? Half of the world thinks my name is Bob Burger

Dessert: soft serve ice cream

Just For Fun

Celebrity Look-a- like: Sterling Archer

Choose a super-power: invisibility 

Choose three people to have dinner with: Linda, Teddy and Mort

The Disney Princess you most relate to and why: I'd have to go with Cinderella because I'm always the one cleaning up

Where someone can find you on campus: Philo TV or Netflix.com

I am currently a junior studying Media Production and Visual Communications at William Paterson University. Coming from a small town, one square mile to be exact, and moving up to this busy North Jersey/city area has been a big change for me, but I'm loving every second of it. Along with HerCampus I'm involved in the TV Club as well as having three on-campus jobs and an off-campus internship. I spend my free time (although there isn't much of it) doing makeup, taking pictures, editing videos, or cuddling with my hedgehog Tuka. New Jersey has been good to me but after school I plan on moving to the west coast and finding out just where I'm meant to be and where I can do what I love.
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