Ashley Vidal '18

Ashley Vidal '18


A bacon-loving, feminist badass, Ashley is a woman that takes no sh*t. Independent Aquarius at heart, Ashley's free spirit and knack for finding 'hole in the wall' spots in the city are what make her unique! Find out what makes her tick below! 

 Name: Ashley Vidal

Year: 18

Hometown: North Bergen Nj

Major: business marketing

Minor: studio arts

Activities/clubs: feminist collective club

Sign: Aquarius

Relationship status: in a relationship with myself



Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: I AM NOT A MOM

Dream vacation: Hawaii

Dream job: getting paid to make music

playlist for movies and shows

Pet peeve: when people say "um" or "uh" a lot while talking

Celeb crush: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)


Love Life

First thing you notice about a girl/guy: Smile

Your most attractive quality: my obnoxious laugh

First kiss: ew lol

Turn-on: being funny, genuine, great taste in music, smells good

Turn-off: being rude, smelly, bad music taste,

Perfect date: take me somewhere really good to eat with great drinks and great music

Best pick-up line: none



Song: right now it's SZA ft Isaiah Rashad- Warm Winds , Frank Ocean- Nights

Movie: Vanilla Sky

TV Show: Broad city or Transparent I can't CHOOSE

Book: You don't have to like me by Alida Nugent

Sport: tennis

Team: haha

Food: bacon Mac and cheese

Dessert: warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream


Just For Fun

Celebrity Look-a-like: I used to look like Dakota fanning

Choose a super-power: FLYING

Best class you’ve taken at WPUNJ: gendered lives and society - Prof Sipos


Choose three people to have dinner with – one living, one dead, and one fictional:

Abbi Jacobson, Aaliyah, Coraline


The Disney Princess you most relate to and why:

Belle because she didn't care what everyone thought of her and put family first 


Instagram: Baddalice