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Annoying Questions Relatives Ask at Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! Where we are forced to sit around a big table with family members we hardly ever see and have to endure their annoying questions. Here are some examples of questions you might be asked this holiday and how to answer them to diffuse the situation. 


1. “How’s school going?” 

Answer (you should consider saying): “It’s going good. Lots of classes and homework, but still fun.”

What you’re really thinking: “Um….it’s hell on earth, about to fail all my classes, no sleep, broke AF, and never want to leave my bed.”


2. “So, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”

Answer (you should consider saying): “Umm…no. There really isn’t anyone I’m interested in.”

What you’re really thinking: “I don’t even have time to sleep, so how do you propose I have time to do that? Stop talking to me.”


3. “What do you think about the election?”

Answer (you should consider saying): “It was interesting and I’m interested to see how the next 4 years go.”

What you’re really thinking: “We are doomed, but who cares right?”


4. “What’s your major again?” (says major) “And what are you doing with that after college?”

Answer (you should consider saying): “Well, hopefully I’ll get a job doing something that makes me happy.”

What you’re really thinking: “Good question…”


5. “Well, are you at least getting good grades this semester?”


Answer (you should consider saying): “Of course!”

What you’re really thinking: “D’s get degrees, right?” 

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