Amanda Costantino ‘2017: Eyes on the Horizon

 Amanda Costantino ‘2017: Eyes on the Horizon


Name: Amanda Ariele Costantino

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

Major: Communication with a concentration in Public Relations

Year: Junior

Involvement: Member of SPRA, member of Her Campus WPUNJ, Student Ambassador.

Fun Fact: I am addicted to Starbucks

Favorite Quote: “I march to the beat of my own drum”




Her Campus WPUNJ’s very own Amanda steals the spotlight this week! While she is the busiest of bees taking six classes and working three jobs(phew!) she still makes time to be a prominent figure on campus.  She shows her Willy P pride by giving back as a student ambassador while also working off campus! Her eyes are set on the future, internships, graduation, oh my! Sassy with a whole lot of motivation, this girl is ready to take on the world.


HC: If you were to give your younger-self a piece of advice, what would it be?

CC: Probably not to let anyone dull your shine or stop you from going after your dreams. In life, people will try and tear you down, and as a young girl I would let them. I’ve learned that you need to ignore the negativity and just keep on keeping on :)


HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

CC: Working for a PR firm preferably in New York City, and married with a family.


HC: What has been your greatest achievement here at WPUNJ?

CC: It would have to be this semester becoming a member of two different organizations(Her Campus WPUNJ and SPRA) while also working as a student ambassador, a retail associate off campus, babysitting, and while also juggling 6 classes. I have never taken 6 classes in one semester, but I am maintaining the craziness and succeeding which in itself is an accomplishment.


HC: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

CC: Hopefully working an internship, and being almost finished with college and preparing for graduation!