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A Review on Eddie Brock’s Relationship With Venom

Spoilers are involved with this article so beware…

The Columbia Pictures Marvel Entertainment has outdone themselves once again with the latest release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Released on October 5th, 2021, director Andy Serkis surprises Marvel fans with another sequel to the first Venom movie. In my opinion, he did not disappoint at all with this movie release. Especially with the end credit scene, which no one should be leaving for, by the way, shocked fans and satisfied some at the same time.  

If you do or do not know already, actor Tom Hardy plays the role of a journalist, Eddie Brock, and he is seen trying to adjust his life with an alien symbiote intertwined with him known as Venom. One of his assigned jobs is to interview a serial killer, Cletus Kassady, who had a terrible and messy childhood. How messy? Cletus pushed his grandmother down a flight of stairs and dropping a hairdryer into the bathtub where his mother was tortured. Because of these events, he was sent to a home for troubled kids where he meets the love of his life, Shriek. Cletus was known to be a loner and a nobody, yet Shriek loved Cletus for who he was and they became lovers. Pretty weird but cute…? I don’t even know. I believe they are far worse than Harley Quinn and Joker.  

With this couple, Eddie Brock and Venom have to face them as they have escaped from maximum-security facilities, yet the problem is, Eddie and Venom had a huge argument. From this argument, they separated their ways and I mean literally separated their ways. I honestly think they need a counseling couple session and if not, a long vacation with each other.

Back to the movie itself, I have loved the Marvel villain ever since the Spider-Man movies because of how the character was made and how interesting it is overall. What made this movie even more exciting and shocking was the end credit scene. 

Turn away now if you haven’t watched the movie yet!!  

The epic end credit scene features Eddie Brock and Venom on a vacation where they are watching television and the television featured a news channel. This channel showed none other than Spider-man himself (Tom Holland of course) and his heroic acts. Venom questions who this other spider guy is and wants to meet this friendly neighborhood Spider-man. When I tell you the movie theater room, I was in was shocked and had mouths opened. It gives suspense and even anxiousness for the release of the new Spider-Man movie coming out in December. 

I highly recommend you watch the movie instead of having me explain the whole plot so you guys can experience the thrill and laugh this movie gives out! Compared to the first movie, it is an improvement and there is honestly no need to watch the first movie. However, if you have sensitive ears, I would not go watch the movie as Shriek, from the psychotic couple, has a supernatural power where she can scream her lungs off. The overall main thing you would be missing is how Venom and Eddie Brock came together as a team. Get some friends or family together, take a break from life, and watch the new movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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