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8 Halloween Makeup Look Inspirations

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins and glam!!  It’s spooky time, girls! From skeletons to Pennywise, here are some YouTube celebs have delivered some great Halloween makeup ideas. So, for everyone trying to figure out how to make a super awesome costume, here go some ideas:

  1. A Clown: By YouTuber- Aaliyah Jay


  1. A Bratz Doll: By YouTuber- Alissa Ashley


  1. Pennywise: By YouTuber: Alissa Ashley

  2. Edward Scissorhands: By YouTuber: Maritza Alis

  3. Jigsaw: By YouTuber: Maritza Alis

  4. Sugar Skull: By Youtuber- Simple Symphony

  5. Night Elf Goddess( World of Warcraft) :  By YouTuber- Simple Symphony

  6. Pop Art Wonder Woman: By YouTuber: Jordan Hanz

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