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7 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Purse

What’s one thing boys could do but girls can do better? Accessorize. We can understand, appreciate, and possibly fall in love with every killer clutch we come in contact with. But let’s not be superficial, because we knows it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. So here’s a list of seven little things that every collegiette should keep inside her purse! 
Lip Balm
Lip balm is something that comes in handy wherever you go, whenever it is. In the winter Chapstick is crucial, and in the summer you can protect your lips from the sun with chapsticks like Burt’s Bees that have SPF. 
Emergency $20
Emergency cash is something every collegiette should carry on them. A lot of places only accept certain credit cards or have an amount you need to spend to use a card at all. We’ve all probably experienced at least one time when our credit or debit card hasn’t worked at various places for various reasons. But cash is something you can readily use. Decide how much to bring depending on how much you’re willing to spend! 
Ponytail Holders
Ponytail holders are a collegiette’s best friend. Whether you’re working up a sweat or getting caught in the rain, there is no worse feeling than realizing you don’t have anything to put your hair up with. The best solution is to put a bunch of ponytail holders in a small pocket on the inside of your purse. They’re so small, they basically take up no room in the bag. 
With technology as such a huge part of our lives, we’ve become used to typing or texting instead of actually writing. Imagine one day fate somehow steers you into bumping into someone, you end up talking, and you realize this person has some type of connection to some opportunity you’re interested in. He asks you to write down your number because he’s an old-fashioned, technology-hating type of person. Neither of you have a pen though. He shrugs and tells you to email him and he’ll get back to you. But he never does because he doesn’t know how to work his Gmail account, and you never get that opportunity. Don’t take that chance; always have a pen just in case. 
Headphones are always a nice item to have. At the gym about to work out, catching up on Netflix in the cafe, or even walking across campus are some of the worst times to realize you forgot your headphones. Keep a pair in your bag so you never have to listen to YouTube in the library at the very lowest volume on your computer. 
Phone Charger 
This is probably one of the most useful things you can carry with you. There is no feeling that compares to having 50% battery at noon when you still have classes until seven at night. It’s always important to have a charged phone when you’re not at home in case of an emergency. Don’t get caught with a dead battery; just keep your charger in your purse.
Bad breath stinks. Don’t give everyone you talk to after lunch a whiff of the egg salad sandwich you ate; keep gum or mints in your bag just in case you want something extra garlicky to eat but to not let anyone within twenty feet know it.


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Nicole attends William Paterson University and is majoring in English with a concentration in writing. She is 21 and lives in Livingston, NJ. She loves to read, watch Netflix, and nap as often as she can. She also loves her dog and anything feline-related.
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