6 Necessities & 6 Fun Additions For Your Dorm Room

Important To Have


1. Over The Door Mirror

These are definitely an essential to your dorm room. Whether it's checking out your cute outfit in the morning or taking that mirror selfie before a party, this is neccessary. 


2. Mini Fridge

Although these can be pricy, it is definitely needed. It's pretty self-explanatory, how else would you keep your food from rotting?


   3. Storage Bins

Having storage bins is very important! Places to put extra supplies, shoes, even snacks! Highly reccommended.


4. White Board

You can either get this typical white board, or a white board calendar. This will help you with remembering all the important things in your life.


5. A Safe Box

Okay, we do not want our precious items stolen: wallets, liscence, social security card, etc. If you lock it up and have a passcode, it will save you the trouble of having your things stolen.


6. Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are so important! If they have USB cables or little storage units, even better! Try and get one that has a few different settings such as having a light dim enough so your roommate can sleep.


Fun Additions

1. Succulent

This adds life to your room and makes it feel a whole lot cozier. You can even name it if you're lonely.


2. Tapestry

The pefect background for those "going out" pictures. It also adds a lot of color.


3. Husband Pillow

These are so nice to lay back on and do your work or even watch Netflix.


4. Pictures With Loved Ones

Let's face it, we all get homesick. Having pictures hung up on your wall will definitely help bring back all the good memories.


5. Microwave

Popcorn, pizza bagels, you name it; this isn't a neccessity, but you'll definitely want it.


6. Speaker

Having a nice small speaker to jam out in the shower or with friends is always a good thing. Definitely invest in one if you can.