5 Ways You Know You've Been Ghosted

Even though we’re post-Halloween collegiettes we’ve got a bone to pick with some ghosts. Now we’re not talking the white sheet see-through ghouls of the night but someone you might be cozying up with. Ghosting is the latest and UN-greatest term to describe the sudden ‘disappearance’ of someone you’re dating. No more calls, no more texts, it just all ends suddenly! And then you’re left wondering what happened, we’re here to let you know if you’ve been ghosted and what tell-tale signs to look out for. 



“The Fade Away Texter”

Ah, the good morning texts, the excessive emoji usage, don’t we all love the “honeymoon stage?” If it goes from that to a ‘hey’ every three days it might be a sign that they are trying to send some hints!



“I have to...water my fish”

If they have to house sit for three weeks straight or cook dinner for their  ‘cousin’ every Wednesday kick them to the curb. Excuses are big signs of ghosting!



Social Media Blackout

No more likes, comments, or retweets. From the constant social media love to nothing, sounds pretty weird right? Keep an eye out collegiette, this one is a big sign!



“Last Minute Loser”

You’re all dressed and ready to go on an awesome date when you get a text saying something came up. While this could fall under the category of “excuses” we thought it deserved its own. Since you’re already dressed don’t let it go to waste! Hit the town with a bunch of your girlfriends and have a blast!



“Not for the public eye”

They just don’t want to be seen with you in public, they try to romanticize it by saying things like “let’s stay in and watch a movie,” or  “I don’t really want to go out tonight.” Sometimes that’s all genuine collegiette’s but if you’ve never seen the light of day with them it’s not right.


Joint article by: Samantha Boyle and Amanda Costantino