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5 Ways You Know You’re An English Major

English Majors are that rare breed inbetween the nursing and teaching majors here at Willly P, however those that chose to go the “Road less traveled” And here are 5 signs that prove you’re an english major:


1. When someone asks you what you your major is and you say “English”, their next question is why?

Why not? Who are you the major police? What do you want to be, a docotr? Psh- amateur.


2. You’re the editor-in-chief of your friend group/ anyone within a 5 mile radius with a paper due 

Payment in the form of free coffee and signed book copies are acceptable. Math HW swap may be accepted under certain terms and conditions.


3. At some point and time in life you thought you were Matilda (maybe you still do)

Telekinesis will totally happen any day now, right? Right?!


4.  When you can’t “math” your excuse is “I’M AN ENGLISH MAJOR!”

Nuff. Said.


5. Despite knowing the job market you still chose a major based on passion and that means something… you tell yourself while you wipe tables at a coffee shop and plan the next great American novel.


Ana Valentin is a freshman at William Paterson with a wrong major in Environmental Science but will be transferring in the spring to Elementary Special Education and English Creative Writing, She has a burning love for all things glitter, beautiful, and fashionable. You'll probably find her in the student cafe sucking down a machiatto. If you do, feel free to say hello. She likes those too.
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