5 Ways to Mentally Get Ready for Spring


Winter can be exhausting not only physically but also mentally. The cold air can dampen anyone's mood. The lack of sunlight is also another reason you may feel less energetic. Lucky for us spring is back and soon the sun will be back to put us back in a happy mood. But what if you're still mentally stuck in the middle of winter? Feeling down and unmotivated? Here are 5 tips to bring you out of your winter blues!


1.Lighten up

Open the blinds, turn on the lights, try not to sit in the dark for hours at a time. Sometimes the lack of sunshine ruins our mood but by shining some light can definitely help improve it.

2. Get moving

The weather is getting nicer and exercise always gets your endorphins flowing, improving your mood, reduces the symptoms of seasonal depression and can help lower stress levels.

3. Make your bed

As weird as this sounds it works! If you go through a whole day of terrible things at least you can come home to one accomplishment. Try it for a week and see how it can really help motivate you for your day ahead.


4. Socialize

It may feel like the last thing you want to do is go out and interact with people, but it can be a good way to get you out of your funk. Laugh and have fun; Just like exercise it can release all the good brain chemicals and drastically change your mood

5. If symptoms persist or get worse see your primary care physician

Sometimes the blues is just the blues. If you notice that the feeling of sadness/despair don't improve then it's possible that it's time for medical intervention. REMEMBER: your problems don't have to be your own and there a professionals who will help you with 100% confidently

Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you blossom into the beautiful spring goddess you're meant to be!