5 Times Disney Princesses Were Totally Relatable

It’s Disney week here at Her Campus WPUNJ and we’re stoked to take a stroll down memory lane with our favorite characters! Us as college students have a lot of responsibility and things to attend throughout our school careers and what better way to relate then to see the many times Disney princesses related to us collegiettes! Whethe



  1. Spotify Mishaps

You’ve been there, and accidentally done that. You know when there’s that fire beat playing *ahem DJ Lil Taj for all of my Willy P people* and you go to just get first dibs on the spotify queue? You definitely want to make sure the next song continues the streak of flames but press the upcoming song instead and of course it changes at the best part and people all look at you like WHAT?! Yeah Sleeping Beauty is us when we change the song, sorry friends.


  1. Seeing Someone You Hate

P-E to the T-T-Y, if any of you have seen that Facebook video with the cheerleaders you’ll get that. But, yes there will be a time when you see someone you’re rather not fond of…and what better way to be petty then to greet them happily and like old friends? They’re bound to turn red. Blow a little kiss and wave them goodbye.


  1. Curving guys or girls you’re not into

When you turn 21 it only gets worse, or better (however you like attention) collegiettes. There’s always that guy or girl that tries too hard, even after you’ve blatantly made it known that you’re not interested..so what do you do? You curve them, hard. Whether you tell the verbally or in this case you let them out the front door (you go Belle) no means no and we’ll stick by it.


  1. Makeup Galore

Beat that face girl, no not literally, in makeup terms. Mulan here is every girl (besides the white face paint) when it comes to getting ready. We’re precise and like to make sure everything’s perfect, she does it in record time here and we hope to one day make our routine this fast. I mean, do you see how fast she does the winged eyeliner..WHAT?! Fleek the brow, make the eye smokey and be fierce!


  1. Bad Hair Day

Yes Ariel, we’re there with you girl. Side bangs do not cooperate 75% of the time. Curly haired girls I feel you, we wake up looking like Mufasa from the Lion King and boy do we need to tame it down. A little mousse here, 45 bobby pins there and you’re set. Rock it.