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5 Things We’ll Miss about WPUNJ

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

As the spring semester begins, it has begun to dawn on many seniors (including myself) that this is going to be our last semester as undergrads at William Paterson University. Before we become excited about graduating and moving on to the next phase in our lives, let’s take a moment to consider all of the things we love (and we’ll miss) about WPUNJ.


The Student Center

The Student Center is the center of campus. It’s the place to grab a bite to eat, study in the café, or play your favorite games in the arcade. During lunchtime, the student center is full of students eating lunch at the food court, attending meetings or attending events held during common hour. We’ll miss the hustle and bustle at the Student Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Using Pioneer

How convenient is Pioneer money? In addition to its uses on campus, places like CVS and Wendy’s also accept pioneer. It’s great to just pull out your ID, have the cashier swipe it, and go about your business. We can buy food, textbooks, and so much more just using the ID card. Don’t we all wish that Pioneer could be used everywhere?


Clubs and Activities

With more than 100 clubs on campus, it’s so easy to become involved on campus. The best part of joining these clubs is all the new people you meet and the places you can go. Between movie nights and guest speakers, it seems like there is always something happening on campus.


Dorm Life

The dorm life at WPUNJ is a great experience.It’s nice to bond with the other residents as we do our laundry or attend an activity hosted by our RA.It’s great to meet different people and form friendships that can last a lifetime.


Beautiful Campus

The campus at WPUNJ is simply beautiful. The nature surrounding the campus is amazing. The animals that pop up out of nowhere, the architecture of Hobart Manor, and the colorful trees really make you appreciate William Paterson for its beauty.


William Paterson University has been a home to many of us for the past four years. Graduation will be a bittersweet occasion for some of us as we leave the comfort of college life behind and prepare to enter the real world. William Paterson has been great to us, and it will be sad to leave all that we know behind. We’ll miss you, WPUNJ!


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Danielle Brantley is a senior at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. She is a Marketing major with minors in Social Justice Studies and Psychology. Danielle is a contributing writer for Her Campus WPUNJ as it finally launched in March 2013. She also works for Information Systems at WPUNJ as a Technology Consultant and for the First-Year Experience office as a Peer Leader. She has also written for The Beacon, WPU's student-run publication. Danielle enjoys writing, shopping, listening to music, and watching YouTube.
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