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5 Things to do with Leftover Halloween Candy


Maybe it’s from a little sibling, or maybe it’s all from you (no judge), but we all end up with leftover candy after Halloween. It gets pretty tiring to look at after a while of sitting there in your kitchen. Here are some ways to jazz up your candy stash.

1.      DIY Trail Mix

Open up little bags of M&Ms and mix it with some granola,raisins,nuts and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat that’s not all that bad for you! Sweet n’salty is the perfect combination for those inbetween meal noshes.

2.      Put Chocolates in your Coffee

Drop a fun-size Hershey’s into your morning cup of Joe for a quick and easy mocha.


3.      Use it as a Study Tool

Turn studying into a game! After every 30 minutes or so of studying, treat yourself to a piece of candy. It’ll definitely make you want to study more.

4.      Give it Away

If you just want that candy out of your sight, give it away. Maybe your friends or fellow residents would appreciate a sugar fix!

5.      Let’s be honest, you could always just eat it! 

Nicole Mogenis is a Freshman at William Paterson University. She is an Elementary Education and Sociology major. Along with being a writer for the WPUNJ chapter of HerCampus, she is in the University's Education club. She loves reading, music, and all animals.
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