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Mental Health

Five Simple Ways to Decompress When You’re Stressed

#1 Help yourself to a Hot Beverage.

  Whether it’s a mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, sipping on something warm may be a soothing release of the stressors that come along with everyday life.

#2 Breathe!

Focusing on taking a few long deep breaths can help you decompress and relax in a way that is simple and effective.

#3 Listening to Soothing Music.

Sometimes all we need to do is sit in a quiet place and vibe out to some of our favorite tunes.

#4 Self-care

Sometimes it can be difficult to find time for yourself in the midst of a busy schedule but make sure you schedule time to decompress. Maybe you could take a nice bubble bath, face mask, or even a movie night by yourself! Self-care is a must!

#5 Remind Yourself That it is Okay Not to Be Okay!

Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that you can’t deal with everything all at once and remind yourself that you are human.

I'm am a second-semesterfreshman at William Paterson University and I ma originally from South Africa. My major is Studio Art and I'm a very creative and artsy person.
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