5 Reasons You Should Be Excited To Be Back On Campus!

  1. Seeing Your Friends! 

Summer break can be rough if you’re constantly working and weren’t able to hang out with friends. Luckily, when you’re back on campus you’re surrounded by your close college friends who you can party it up with! 


2. Wingery’s Mexican Grill! 

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Wingery (in the student center) changed their ways and graced us with burritos and bowls. As you all know our campus food isn’t perfect, but I have to say this proves there is hope. Plus, you can load up on guac because it doesn’t cost extra! 


3. No Parents! 

Yay! We love them, but they drive us crazy 24/7! On campus, you don’t have to worry about getting lectured on why not to procrastinate and why it’s not okay to eat ice cream for breakfast. You can go crazy...well as crazy as your RA will let you if you live on campus. :P 


4. Common Hour! 

Ahh, the joy of not having classed between 12:15-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays is the best. It’s also the perfect time to get free food and catch up with the clubs you’re interested in. This is something that definitely makes our campus unique and enjoyable during the week! 


5. Homecoming! 

Everyone’s favorite part about going to Willy P is participating in homecoming! Whether you help with events leading up to it or you hang out with everyone at the tailgate, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. This year our homecoming is October 1st, so don’t forget to cheer on our football team!