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5 Practical Winter Fashion Trends for Men

It can be hard to maintain a fashionable ensemble when it’s cold outside. All you want to do is throw as many layers on as possible to keep yourself warm and alive out there in the frozen tundra. Nowadays, guys seem to be stepping up their fashion game, and I am here to discuss my opinion on some of their most fashionable yet practical clothing choices during the winter.

Trench Coats


Trench coats are classy, timeless, and can be very warm if they are lined with fleece or any other kind of insulator. On days when the wind is fierce, a longer coat can really be a guy’s best friend because it will cover them down to their knees when buttoned.




Up here in the Northeast, snow is an inevitable beast that we must all face. However, there is no reason that the boots you wear can’t look good. From Dr. Martens to Timberlands, boots can be as functional as they are attractive.


Sweaters and Turtlenecks

Obviously, t-shirts are just not going to cut it in the winter. Thick, heavy sweaters are where it’s at to keep warm. And if a scarf is not enough to keep the neck warm, turtlenecks are an awesome first line of defense against those frigid winds. Both of these can be super cute and perfect to “borrow” from your man. 



I am all the way here for the hoodie underneath a jacket trend. Sometimes they want the comfort of a hoodie, and the added warmth of a winter coat. Guys will look both casual yet sensible when they throw these two pieces together.



Scarves, beanies, leather gloves, and wool socks can all totally step up a guy’s outfit from basic to looking like he’s got his whole life together. So, maybe get him a scarf for Christmas this year.


It is great seeing guys who can be practical and cute. Winter can be a confusing time, and it can be hard to still present one’s style while effectively avoiding frostbite. So if you know someone who has this problem, pass this article along to them!

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