5 Beauty Rules You Should Definitely Break

Growing up we’ve probably all heard a few fashion rules and taken those as law. But fashion is always changing and always evolving and so should these rules. A lot of the following rules are rooted in old ideas of what a woman should look like. Of course with time woman have changed, beauty standards have changed and what we deem as fashionable has definitely changed.

5 Beauty Rules You Should Definitely Break

  • ·         "Only fit, flat tummied girls can wear crop tops"

    This trend arose in the 1940s, and came is several styles and patterns. And through the decades the crop top has come back in several ways. Today crop tops can be worn glam or casual. Crop tops can be paired with pants, leggings, skirts and even shorts. Usually we see them marketed to slimmer women but in reality if you style it correctly anyone can rock crop tops. Let’s bare those middles ladies!

         TIP: A high waist anything can help you feel more confident about your midriff. Add a jacket or a blazer if you want a little more coverage.

  • ·         "Wearing white after labor day"

          The origin of this myth is debated but it’s defiantly no longer relevant anymore. White pieces are a staple in any outfit from the classic white button down to white jeans to even more           daring white two piece swimsuits. White is definitely a color you’ll want to include in your wardrobe year round.

          TIP: You can pair whites with anything but to really rock the white add pops of color. And make sure your whites are clean and bright, nothing ruins an outfit like a dingy white.



  • ·         "Denim on denim is a fashion NO"

          For a long time denim on denim was just for cowboys and people working on a ranch. But quickly denim has turned into an everyday staple. But what about when you want to wear             multiple denim pieces? We all remember Brittany and Justin and that alone can make us shy away from denim on denim.


          But when done correctly, denim on denim can look like you  just stepped off the runway!

          TIP: The key to denim on denim is different washes and different weights. Combine a dark wash skinny jean and a light wash flowy button down. Add a brown belt to break up the               denim.  



  • "Curvywomen should only wear one piece swim suits"


           You should dress for your body shape not your dress size. Anyone from size 4 to 14 could rock a two piece on the beach. Like all clothing you should use it to express yourself.

           Before swimsuit shopping figure out what you’re most confident about when it comes to your body, that way you can flaunt that. If you have a fuller tummy and want to hide it,                    high waist bottoms are your beach bff. More athletic figures should lean to angles and cut outs that create a shape. Don’t be afraid try something daring next time you head to the                  beach.

           TIP: A good fit is key to looking like a beach babe. Swimsuits that are sold as a set are usually not the best idea, mix and match sizes and patterns to customize the perfect fit and style for you!   


  •     Don’t mix Patterns

     I can see why people would come up with this if done incorrectly you could look like a fashion mess but when executed right you could look like a total fashionista. This can seem    scary but it is definitely achievable for everyone.


  • 4 Tips to Rock Pattern on Pattern

    1.       Match colors – if two colors match well together even if they come in different prints it’s very likely they’ll look good together

    2.       Mix simple and graphic – easiest way to start is black and white stripes because go with pretty much anything.

    3.       Spread out your patterns – If you fear looking a little pattern busy try not to layer patterns on patterns like a print top with a print blazer.

    4.       Solids – when in doubt add a solid to the mix. They can fill in the spaces around the prints and tone down the outfit.


    Fashion is our way of expressing ourselves day to day. No one can tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear. It all comes down to how you feel when you look in the mirror. My advice is dress to impress---YOURSELF. What others may see as fashion to you can seem like a mess. So before you pick out an outfit remind yourself that you are the most beautiful you there is, then go out into to the world with your head up and strut your stuff!