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3 Steps To Acing Finals

Hey collegiettes!


So, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally dreading finals week. Sure it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in September, but once you start those all-night-coffee-fueled-study-sessions you realize that maybe that procrastination from the beginning of the semester is coming back to haunt you. I know that seems like a hurdle that’s impossible to get over, but I promise that, by following these simple “rules”, you’ll be stressing less!



Don’t let the idea of failing keep you from studying


It seems easy to say “well I’m going to fail anyways, so why even try?” but that’s not the case! Studying even a little can be the difference between getting a D and a C!


Now, that being said…


Don’t study in the hour before your final.


By the time you’re that close to your final, your brain has already soaked up all the math equations and theorems that it’s going to. It’s much better to take that time to relax and chill out with some tea and music. Less stress is better!



Go in with a positive attitude!


I guess this ties in with my first point, but I can’t stress it enough. Don’t walk into your final saying you’re going to fail. That’s not the right mentality to have! You’re a unicorn! Aim for something attainable, and when your awesomeness surpasses that? Celebrate!





The semesters almost over, and, look at it this way: all those finals you’re taking now? They’ll be over before you know it and then your HIBERNATION can final begin!


Happy (almost) Winter Break!!









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