17 Goals For 2017

These are my personal goals as I leap into 2017. I hope many of you are inspired by some of these and decide to set some goals too.

1. Work on my social media platform

As a public relations major, I am very interested in the social media field. I would really love to expand my audience.

2. Read at least twice every week

There are so many books I have been wanting to read, but it can be pretty hectic with homework and classes. So I plan to start off slow and then read whenever I have spare time.

3. Be more productive

This is a pretty broad goal, but I need to work on my time management more. 

4. Step outside of my comfort zone

I am pretty hesitant when it comes to trying new things, and I want work on that. Whether it's adventerous or just trying a new dish, I consider that an accomplishment.

5. Keep organized

At the end of last semester, I was a mess, as most were. I started something called a bullet journal, which I hope to show everybody in the future. It helps me journal, make to-do lists, and schedule all in one notebook! This will be my handy tool for this goal.

6. Take better care of my skin

I admit it. I slacked on taking good care of my skin. I broke out a lot in 2016. This year I plan to invest in skincare products and use them routinely.

7. Meditate more often

Meditation and practing mindfulness is an amazing anxiety-reliever. I completely reccommend this.

8. Learn more astrology

Lately, my aunt really got me into astrology and what the alignments of planets mean. It is so fascinating to me.

9. Take up a new interest

I truly believe everybody should pick up a new hobby or learn something they did not know before this year. My personal goal is to learn more of the Dutch language. My friend from the Netherlands might be coming to live with me for a week in the summer!

10. Take advantage of more opprotunities

Sometimes I completely ignore things that are foreign to me or seem too challenging. But in 2017, I plan to really get out there and attend events. Another thing to consider is community service. Not only are they enriching experiences, but they look great on a resume!

11. Trust my intution

Usually if your gut is telling you something, it's right. Trust your insticts because you know yourself best and what is right for you.

12. Absorb more nature

I would love to go hiking and go on more adventures this year. Nature is such a beautiful thing that we must respect, and I want to admire it more by spending more time in it.

13. Spend more quality time with my friends and family

My friends and family mean the world to me, and I truly do not know what I would do without them. I want to show them how much I appreciate them and spend as much time I can with them this year. 

14. Clean my dorm room more often

Okay this probably sounds bad, but I tend to throw things on the floor after a long day. My hopes are to declutter, clean countertops, vaccumn, etc. more often.

15. Listen more actively

Sometimes we hear people talking, but are we actually listening? There is a big difference. I want to let others know I am engaged in conversations, and I understand what they are saying. 

16. Attend every class

This can be very hard for many reasons. Unless it is for an important reason, my butt better be in class on time.

17. Embrace who I am

Lastly, I want to show the world how wonderful of a person I am and what I have to offer. I have learned to love and care for myself, and I want to embrace it to the best of my ability. We are all different in this world, and we should be proud.

I hope your year goes great, and hopefully, I inspired you to set some goals for the year.