This $10,000 Scholarship Could Be Yours!

This summer, CharterUP is giving one lucky immigrant or refugee the opportunity of a lifetime.

No matter what plans you have going on this summer, take a minute to reflect and sit down, because $10,000 could be coming your way to pay for an ENTIRE year of school.

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity at an education, which is what CharterUP is doing. This summer, immigrants and refugees will have the opportunity to apply and potentially receive $10,000 for one academic school year. And guess what… it’s so easy to apply! To be eligible, you must be born outside of the US and currently be enrolled as a full-time undergrad student at an accredited college or university within the US. High school seniors are also eligible to apply provided transcripts and a 3.4 or higher GPA. All that’s needed is an essay that provides a personal vision and how that vision will be achieved, transcripts, and a recommender via name and email.

The application deadline has been extended to July 25, 2018. Hurry and get those applications in because once the deadline passes, the selection phase will begin which means no more applications can be submitted.

The form is really easy to submit. You can find it here, along with more information about what is expected and how to apply.

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Good Luck to anyone that is applying!!