Why I'm Perfectly Happy Being Single in College

I have something to say: I haven’t dated anyone since I was a sophomore in high school. And that lasted three weeks. We were on and off for awhile, but we never made it official again, hence it doesn’t count as dating.


Of course I’ve gone on dates with people since then. I had a really nice veggie burger during a date my senior year, and I went to the zoo for my birthday the summer after. I’ve gotten fro-yo with a couple people, but nothing ever becomes anything serious, and I can tell you why, too.


I have way too much going on for a boyfriend. I write for two online magazines, I’m a part of the English honor fraternity at my school, I work on the weekends, and I have a substantial amount of homework to do during the week and weekends. I never stop doing homework.


So why would I have time for a boyfriend? I don’t even have time to go on a date at this point in my life. I want to have time to have a boyfriend, if I were to have one. I want to go on dates and hangout at his place, and even study together. But that’s another thing- none of the people I’ve gone on dates with have any ambition. It’s crazy to think that they don’t, but if I date anyone it needs to be someone who has a goal for themselves.

I have plenty of goals, and also plenty of things to do before I accomplish them. So for now, there’s no time for a boyfriend.