What Makes Fall, Fall

The air is finally crisp, and it rained all day today. I looked outside the window and it was gloomy and dark, and I didn’t have to worry about squinting at the sun. I could almost taste the Pumpkin Spice Cappuccinos that every girl in the nation was currently indulging in. It made me wonder- what makes fall, fall?

It’s the falling of the leaves on the ground. They change colors then float towards the ground, awaiting their death. They know winter is coming, and they wanted to let the world know, too. Fall is the color of the leaves dying.

It’s the crispness of the air when the weather finally- finally- cools off in late October. It’s the rain across campus, and watching every girl bust out her Hunter Rain Boots. It’s clutching a cup of coffee and a lightweight jacket as you trek across campus.

It’s the excitement of planning your Halloween outfits with your friends. It’s making two or three, and wearing them all out that week. It’s getting way too drunk off of cheap alcohol but enjoying the parties you go to anyways. It’s carving pumpkins and drinking apple cider and decorating your apartment for Halloween.

It’s pumpkin patches and apple orchards with your family or significant other. It’s getting donuts from the counter when you’re leaving. It’s haunted houses with all of your friends, and getting muddy or soaked from waiting in line.

It’s wrapping a scarf around your neck and pulling on some boots. It’s Thanksgiving when it hasn’t yet snowed, and the ground is hard.  

It’s the season between sweating your ass off and freezing your ass off. Fall is fall because of all of the little things.