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The Truth Behind New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2017 Broncos! New year, new start, another New Year’s resolution…or so you tell yourself. We all do it, tell ourselves we’re going to improve once January rolls around but it never happens. You tell yourself, I tell myself, the next-door neighbors tell themselves; we will keep our New Year’s resolution no matter what it is, but it never happens. You know why it never happens? High expectations. We all aim too high to start the New Year and it’s time to stop.

New Year’s resolutions are like wishes to perfect our lives. For example, the amount of people I hear tell others that they aren’t going to drink alcohol for a whole year is ridiculous. You know and I know that you’re only lying to yourself. HELLO?! You’re in college, don’t do that to yourself. If your resolution is to not drink, maybe just have it be to not drink as much. Maybe only drink on the weekends or dedicate a certain day to drink. There are huge upsides to not drinking as much, a lot more money in your bank accounts and overall a healthier body.

I know one resolution that is all on your minds. Come on, say it, and say it out loud. Exercising! I think the reason no one can ever keep this resolution is because they try too hard. They go to the gym every day for a week, wear themselves out, think they’re done, and never go again. First of all, don’t go to the gym every day. Go to the gym maybe once or twice a week and then work your way up. Once you get into a routine, going to the gym will feel more natural and less forceful.

Keeping a New Year’s resolution is really not that hard, it’s all about trying and not setting high expectations for yourself. Remember, a year is 365 days. You have all that time to fulfill a resolution. That is one good reason why you should keep your resolution, those 365 days. Let’s all have a resolution to keep our resolutions! 2017 will be much better (maybe) if we keep our resolutions, no matter what they are.

Hi!!!  I'm Kaitlyn Sulka, I am a senior at Western Michigan University and I'm studying journalism with a minor in history (Horray for history)!! When I'm not in school, bossing my co-workers around or hanging out with the best dog in the world (yes, my dog is better than yours), you will find me doing basic white girl things like drinking wine (Moscato in case you were all wondering) and watching the Bachelor. I also enjoy kickboxing, yoga, SoulCycling, dancing (no not in the club) and running...so yeah I'm pretty badass. Okay that's all! XOXO, Gossip Girl ;)
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