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News Flash: It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year

Yes people, it has happened. The first snow! And while Michigan, especially Kalamazoo, has some pretty gnarly winters, we don’t have to go all Grinch on everyone. There are some great things to do in the winter so we’re not all trapped in our dorms like bears.

One, embrace the cold! It’s icy outside, but don’t let your spirit freeze over! Although it’s not warm and shiny out, snow is fun–admit it. We’re all kids at heart; if seeing snow fall doesn’t make you at least a little pumped, there’s something wrong. Going outside doesn’t have to be the death of us all. Blare some Christmas music, put on your boots, hats, scarves and gloves and go play! Make a fort, snow man, snow angel, or have a snow ball fight. Don’t have a sled? Buy a box of garbage bags from the dollar store and go nuts! Wear the garbage bags like a sleeping bag and you’ll slide right down the hill.

Next, get closer to your friends and family. It’s called bonding, people! I’ve heard so many complaints about roommate drama. Try to make peace. You’re going to be stuck with each other in a tiny room for a long time, so you might as well enjoy each other’s company. My suitemates and I have started watching movies once a week together. Put on your sweatpants, pour yourself some hot cocoa, wrap up in blankets and watch a movie, or the “25 Days of Christmas” that just started on ABC Family! It brings everyone so much closer together. ‘Tis the season, readers!

Go shopping! Kidding–most of us can’t afford more than a pack of gum at a time. Window shopping for your Christmas list is always a fun option, though. I am a big fan of Christmas lists. Take mental notes on things you would definitely like to see under the tree, and even note some things you could buy for your family and friends. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s always fun to get out of the dorms and celebrate the holidays; no matter what holiday you embrace! It’s a great way to boost your spirits and get excited for the most wonderful time of the year (or so the songs say!).

While we’re not ho-ho-home for the holidays just yet, enjoy the time you have now with all your new Bronco friends! Whether it means decorating your room, participating in Secret Santa present sharing, or gulping down eggnog, don’t hibernate for the whole season! You can make winter fun– just use your imagination! 

Editor: Noel Carlson

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