Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017

Pinterest and Lyst teamed up to compile a list of what they predict will be the top 10 Halloween costumes of 2017. Does your costume match any of the predictions?

10. A Mermaid

Being able to feel fun and girly with mass amounts of glitter is a huge reason this costume is so popular. 

9. A Unicorn

8. A Hippie

The classic Hippie is easy to pull off with clothes that you have just lying around in your closet, which makes this an easy costume idea.

7. A Baywatch girl

6. The characters from Game of Thrones

Nothing is as exciting as getting to dress up in an other-wordly costume courtesy of your favorite TV show.

5. Wonder Woman

4. A Giraffe 

The new take on the classic cat costume?

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Following the release of the newest live-action Disney movie, Pinterest saves for Beauty and the Beast characters have grown rapidly.

Pinterest saves for prom dresses in Belle's iconic yellow color has also increased.

2. The kids from Stranger Things

1. Pennywise from IT

According to the report, pinterest searches for clown-related Halloween costumes are up by 941%.

Whatever Halloween costume you decide to wear, have fun with it! 

Happy Halloween from WMU's Her Campus team!