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Learn Something New Every Day: Mystery Man

We both know we are looking. Not looking, staring. Trying to read each other’s faces. WHERE have I seen you before?
But hey! You’re also sexy and I’m going to look at you and I can’t help but stare!
I spend my entire Tuesday in class staring over at him. When he catches me looking, I cant help but feel a little embarrassed and immediately look away. Then I spend the entire class period deciding if I want to talk to him after class about how I know him. What would I even say if I got enough motivation? What if HE comes up to me first?
We locked eyes again! I wonder what he’s thinking… why don’t either of us smile? We just look. How am I supposed to decipher what he’s thinking if there is no SMILE?
Man, he looks good sitting in that desk.
I’m a chicken. Not talking to him after. That would be weird anyway.
We have already caught eyes and class hasn’t even started! UGH I’m an idiot for not catching him on Tuesday.
OMG. He just took off his sweatshirt. Look at those arm muscles! So defined. Am I staring again. WHERE do I know him from?? Maybe I should talk to him today. Ah, no. He was the first person out of class. 
Friday Night.
At a friend’s party and who do I see? Mystery man.
It all comes back to me now. I saw him at a bar, hanging out with my friends!
This time we talked at the party, so in class this Tuesday, I’m totally going to talk to him.
Maybe even sit by him?? The possibilities are endless.
He walks into class. We make eye contact and – oh my goodness- a SMILE. We smiled! It has been acknowledged that we have MET before! Perfect. Now I just need to get my courage together and say hi to him.
After class- I chicken out again. AND he leaves with another girl from class.
I just want to be friends with him! GEEZ! Why is this so difficult??
I feel like I’ve built up my courage today. Half an hour into class I realize that mystery man isn’t coming today. Man, this is the craziest thing ever.
Honestly, this is kind of fun. Noticed that I still DON’T know his name. JEEZ I need to work on my friend making skills here.
Does anyone else have these awkward relationships with people?? I feel like at least once a semester this happens!!
I guess I’ll have to see what happens in class on Tuesday…
Until next time!

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