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Learn Something New Every Day: Gift Giving Guide 2011

Ah, the holidays. It’s a great time to buy stuff… for other people (maybe for yourself every once in a while). But what about those people who stump you in your gift giving? What about the poor college kid in all of us who cant really afford to buy expensive stuff for everyone? I’m in that dilemma right now with a few of my family members as well as for friends!
I have been working throughout the years on creating an equation to finding the best gifts for the hardest people to buy for.
For a Secret Santa gift:
Lots of things! I usually take the route of purchasing a stocking (cheap as you can get) and filling it to the brim (within the spending limit) of fun stuff or things that are funny between the two of you. I like to check out dollar stores, Meijer, Target’s dollar isle, and other cheap places. I like to try to get as many things as possible without spending it all on candy.
For a Couple/Your parents:

A night out! I have been getting my parents a date night for about 3 years now. The most fun part is that I get to plan their date! I first bought them gift cards to the movies and to a restaurant, but has now evolved to other cooler dates. The best part about this is that you are killing two birds with one stone and parents/couples are usually extremely excited to go on dates… ALONE. If you have younger siblings or whatever the situation may be, include paying for a babysitter or being the sitter yourself. THEY LOVE IT.  A simple card with instructions written out is meaningful and a fantastic gift.
For the Person Who Has Everything:
WHY do you have everything?? WHY don't you tell me what you like/want?? Not only are you making this extremely difficult for me, but it’s taking time out of the quest to find the perfect gift for you because I don't know where to start!!!
Thankfully I’ve got this one down too. Unfortunately this one takes the longest because it involves crafting together stuff and planning (ew, I know right?). One site I found via internet searching was Better Homes and Gardens (ew, I know right?? Haha) but it contains some REALLY cute ideas. Anther idea is making cookies or other sweet treats (well, maybe I just like getting food). Check out Pinterest.com for some other really good ideas, just make sure they are personal!!
I hope this has given you some helpful ideas on what to get everyone on your list!
Happy shopping!
Until next time!

Editor: Katelyn Kivel

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