How to Move Back Home with your Parents

I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when my world came crashing down around me: my roommate had to move in with her boyfriend, and was leaving me without a roommate and with no subleaser for her bedroom. I thought it over for a few days, arguing with myself. Even with her part of the rent, I couldn’t afford utilities and internet by myself, let alone manage to scrape up rent. I decided I didn’t want a random subleaser anyways, and turned to my cell phone. I told my dad that I had to move home, and the planning began.

I in no way want to move back home to my parents. A fair number of tears were shed over the fact that I had only been living on my own for four months, and was now going to move back home. I haven’t moved home yet (sometime this month) but I thought it over and decided it was best for several reasons: 1) I saved a lot of money by moving home, 2) I didn’t have to stress about not making enough money, and 3) someone was able to let my dog out at all times of the day. Writing this article is one of the ways I’m becoming okay with moving home, and I thought it’d be best if other people knew it, too.

For starters, make a plan with yourself and with your parents. If you know you want to move out again when you turn 23, then tell them that and make it your goal. Having an end goal makes things easier, and will give you a date to get to. It will also make you feel like the move is temporary, even if it’s semi permanent, like mine will be.

Secondly, make a goal with your money. You can’t move home and mooch off of your parents. Ask them if they need help with any finances- maybe your phone bill or car insurance or even groceries- and pitch in if they say yes. Then get a job if you don’t have one already. You’re an adult and it’s time to act like it.

Also, you need to help out around the house. Don’t keep piling the dishes on the already teetering pile: put them away. Vacuum around the house, take out the trash, even just windex the mirror in the bathroom. Your parents will notice and they will appreciate it.

Make time for yourself that is outside of the house. If you’re always in your parents house, you’re going to feel trapped. If you still go to college, then join a club. If you’re interested in a study group, make one for your classes and meet up at a coffee shop. If you aren’t in college then find a hobby that gets you out of the house. Don’t just lounge around being miserable because all of your friends live in apartments or a dorm and you don’t. Make the best of a situation, especially since you should have some spending money.


Lastly, and probably most importantly, spend time with your parents and any siblings that still live at home. You may not have wanted to move home, and they may have grudgingly taken you, but they want to see you just as much as they did when you first moved out. You are their child, and they love to see you happy. So turn on a movie and spend the night with them, because neither of you will get these moments back.


Hopefully this article helps anyone who had to move home. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.