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College: The Dos and Don’ts

College is full of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” moments. It’s a part of your college life. But thankfully there are some Dos and Don’ts you can follow to hopefully make your days on campus a little smoother.

First of all, to all you freshman, your entire year freshman year will be considered a Don’t to everyone who is not a freshman. That’s just how it is. Being new to the entire college experience just makes for a year filled with mistakes;, the awkwardness of having to make friends, not knowing how to properly study for exams, etc.
So freshman, just try not to make the rookie mistakes like screaming to everyone at a party because your friend you haven’t seen in a while showed up too. Don’t be that annoying, drunk stumbling around a party, it’s not cute. Don’t get too caught up in the partying scene. You have at least four years of parties ahead; missing a few to study will not kill you.

Speaking of studying, Do learn how to do it! Scanning the study guide the night before a test will not benefit you. Trust me. Flashcards are your new best friend. Put down that shot and go for the shot of espresso instead. Do always go for used textbooks if you can too; why pay an arm and a leg for a book you’ll only use for a short amount of time? Late night of studying ahead? Do indulge in ordering Campus Kitchen (Campus Wok) at least once. It’s delicious, inexpensive, open late and is a great comfort food for when you’re ready to pull your hair out during those all-nighters!

Upperclassman, you’ve been here at WMU now for a few years. You know Kalamazoo like the back of your hand and most likely have Jimmy Johns on speed dial. You know all the tricks of studying and to not step on the big ‘W’ outside of the library for fear of bad luck. So the only Do you really need to follow is actually going to class. You’re almost done, get your lazy Bronco butt’s to class and pass them! With most living off campus, it’s a pain to have to get up and drive to class, especially when it gets icy and blizzard-like in the winter, but a few early mornings will be worth it when you’re holding your diploma in your hand.

College is filled with crazy times and crazy people. You’ll make your best friends and your best memories. Go all out, stay out late, have the time of your life, just make sure you’re safe and you actually, you know, learn something!

Editor: Gena Reist

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