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You Are What You Eat: Food Tips For Healthy Skin

With winter fast approaching I can’t help but dread the fight I am bound to face- a fight against dry skin. Now, I am not the biggest fan of going tanning (I actually can’t say I have ever been to a tanning salon before) since my personal preference is to stay natural, but who doesn't want to have nice looking skin all winter long? I was curious to find out if there were some foods I could incorporate into my daily diet that would keep that glow all winter long.  
So what is good for your skin? 

Vitamin A: Turn to products rich in vitamin A such as low fat dairy produce. Our skin cell health is dependent on our intake of vitamin A. Stock up on foods such as low fat yogurt, carrots, and pumpkin (perfect for the holidays). Not only does your skin benefit but it also helps with healthy blood levels and digestion. 


Antioxidants: A great way to fight those sun rays or since we are talking about winter other forms of environmental damage (can anyone say wind burn) - turn to foods rich in antioxidants to solve your problems. Stock up on blueberries, blackberries and strawberries this winter will help fight those oncoming wrinkles! These fruits have the highest antioxidant content to help keep your skin looking clear.  

Vitamin E: A natural skin conditioner, vitamin E smoothes out your skin for an even tone. Some food options include nuts, seeds, olives, spinach, and asparagus. Just to note, these foods do not have very high vitamin E content and some people do take a vitamin supplement. Don’t over-do it though - excessive amounts of vitamin E are not easy on the stomach.  
With this in mind, and family holiday pictures right around the corner, beat Jack Frost at his own game with these go to skin rejuvenating foods.   

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