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W&M Runs: My Escape

Being a college freshman can be a tad bit overwhelming when the freedom and adventure of a new life hit you all at once. It’s typical to want to do and try everything as you throw yourself head-on into a whole different world. Though most of your time is dedicated to classes and studying, you will still have plenty of time to find your escape. For me, one of my favorite things to do with my free time is workout. Everyone has his or her own thing, but as someone who’s a health and fitness nut, a good workout always takes me away. When it comes to all aspects of college life, especially exercise, William and Mary has so much to offer.

We are fortunate to have such a gorgeous campus, surrounded by a historic and beautiful city to take advantage of. One of my favorite things to do is to go on runs around campus and down DoG Street in Colonial Williamsburg. I have run that route multiple times, both during the day and the evening, and each time, I see something new or in a different way. Taking in the scenery and exploring, always gives me such an escape, leaving me feeling refreshed and at ease. I also like to go on long runs up and down Richmond and Jamestown Roads. It can be really fun to have your friends join you for runs as well. These runs are a great opportunity to multitask by catching up with a friend will being fit, getting in the routine of having a running buddy, or who knows, maybe trying it out as a fitness date with a cute guy or boyfriend?

If you are not a huge outdoorsy or running type, there is always the Campus Recreation Center. Aside from my dorm, it is like my second home. As a student who loves to work out there, a member of the personal trainer staff and as one of the Patron Service Assistants at the desk, I can say that William and Mary runs an awesome athletic facility. It is worth checking out and incorporating into your weekly schedule. You can workout there, attend fitness classes, play intramural sports and a lot more! I especially love to attend the Body Pump and Zumba classes on days when I’m not running on the treadmill or riding the bike. There are always so many students there, especially after 4pm, so it can also be used as a social outlet for seeing friends.

As many of you will be come familiar with campus and Colonial Williamsburg area, I am sure you will discover a student favorite frozen yogurt place, Berry Body. In the bottom level, it has a Body Balance Yoga studio. It is located near Sorority Court and Aroma’s, so it’s not hard to find. If you are looking for more than just a workout, then this is perfect! It is so calming and relaxing, and you’re still getting the exercise benefits. Getting a group of your friends together for a yoga class is always fun. You can even choose to treat yourself to the guilt-free and “oh so delicious!” yogurt after class.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your favorite thing to do!

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