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Where to Get Condoms on Campus

Now that classes are well underway here at W&M, you have probably already spotted some cuties around campus. If you have moved on from aggressively eye-flirting with that guy across the room and are starting to hang out one on one (lucky you!), you may be thinking about taking the next step. Even if you are not sure if the relationship is headed in that direction any time soon, now is the time to prepare. If you stock up on condoms now, you will never be caught off guard, which means protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  Here are some places around campus where you can obtain these vital products!


1. F.I.S.H. Bowl– Located in the Campus Center, this center has super friendly student volunteers who not only will give you free condoms, but will also be there to provide information about many other serious topics. (They can even provide tips on stress management, which we all could use at some point!)

2. Health Promotion Office– This office is located past the F.I.S.H. Bowl in the Campus Center. They offer free condoms during operating hours, as well as information on a plethora of other health-related issues, including alcohol, mental health and wellness, and sexual health.

3. Delivered to your CSU- HOPE, Health Outreach Peer Educators, mails condoms to student mailboxes twice a week, for free! Just go to the http://www.justaskhope.com/condoms-in-csu/ to read more and to sign up for this wonderfully convenient and confidential service.

4. Student Health Center- The Student Health Center is located right here on campus. There, you can obtain services such as pelvic exams, pap smears, contraception, emergency contraception, etc.

5. Wawa- With a prime location and late-night hours, this is the place to pick up a pack of rubbers in a pinch. They may not be free, but it is a small price to pay for protecting yourself.

6. Your roommate/hall mate/best friend- Seriously. The thought of asking someone for a condom may sound embarrassing, but it is a topic we should all be more comfortable discussing. If you find yourself in need of a condom, and have not had a chance to visit any of the aforementioned locations, it is better to ask someone you are close with and risk a mildly awkward conversation than to risk your health.

Fun fact: If the year were 1989, we all could be picking up some condoms at one of two condom vending machines located in DuPont Hall. Read more at: http://articles.dailypress.com/1989-01-20/news/8901200067_1_condom-machines-dorm-sexual-activity

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