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Volunteering at WM

Are you looking for intensive community service? If so, WM will be heaven to you. This year, I have participated in various service events on campus, from which I have gained some volunteering tips for you.

Before Volunteering

One eager for community service may wonder what volunteering opportunities are available on campus. To brainstorm, start thinking about what service events you attended in the past. For instance, I volunteered at a weekly neighborhood food bank in high school. My search term then was “service focusing on food,” which led me to discover the weekly Campus Kitchen. Another great example revolved around Tribe pride. One of the biggest inspirations for me to join WM was my high school chemistry teacher. She was a proud WM alumna, passionately talking about the Wren Building in our class. Touched by her school spirit, I too hoped to engage prospective members. Therefore, I was trained by the Admissions to become a Student Ambassador for the Home for Holidays program. Similarly, if you have experienced wonderful school tours, why not reach out to the Admissions and become a campus tour guide motivating others to come to WM?

Volunteering opportunities in WM usually are available weekly or yearly. Campus Kitchen works on a weekly basis with three types of job: recovery, cooking, and delivery. The team collaborates to offer tasty meals for food-insecure residents. Yearly events crucial to our community often need a number of volunteers: Charter Day, Family Weekend, Day for Admitted Students and so on. Many of them require prior training.

One may also wonder how to get informed about service offering. Flyers on bulletin boards and the semi-weekly Student Happenings emails are good sources. If you know a program but do not have access to its sign up form, feel free to contact the person(s) in charge!

After Volunteering

Hooray, you make it! However, your progress shouldn’t end at this moment. Remember to record your volunteering work through images, video clips, and words. If you enjoy the service events, become a returning volunteer if possible. Before returning, disseminate information about the activities and involve people around in. When you are skilled and familiar with the events, try to lead! For instance, one can become a shift leader for Campus Kitchen. Last but not least, be sure to cherish. Let’s use Campus Kitchen as the example again. After preparing food for hours, please have more concerns for the food you get.

One of the best scenarios to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others. Devote your time and contribute great love to make positive differences in WM!


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