Trendspotting at W&M: Bean Boots

So-called "duck" boots are the latest (and oldest!) trend for twentysomethings during their college years and even after. L.L. Bean's bean boots are the original version, and are made for both men and women. On the W&M campus, they seem to be popular with just about everybody, and from October through the end of April, they're on every pair of feet on campus.

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On campus, men wear bean boots most often with jeans, rolled up (or cuffed once) at the ankle, so that their jeans hit at the top of their boots. W&M men prefer to wear medium or dark wash jeans in a slim or skinny fit with their bean boots. This jean-boot combination is most often paired with a parka or Barbour jacket, and if they're really stylish, you might even see a scarf paired with the outfit. 

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As for the women of William & Mary, they tend to wear their bean boots in mostly the same way. Jeans or leggings are popular to wear with these boots, although you may find a fun pair of patterned socks peeking out (on men, too!)

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Bean boots are great for fall and winter, and for rain or snow (or just lots of leaves!). There's nothing worse than wearing wet socks, and bean boots are perfect for preventing that. They're amazing for sloshing about in the rain, or for snowball fights in mid-February. Strong laces and a good amount of tread make for durable, stylish, and long-lasting boots.

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