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Top Ten Reasons to Write for Her Campus at William & Mary

With Day for Admitted Students coming up, it’s time to remember what made us join Her Campus and why it’s a great place to write, learn, and make great friends…

1.     It’s a great place to meet people

2.     You can write about anything you want!

3.     Everyone shares pitches, so you’ll never run out of article ideas

4.     The Spring Conference is an awesome opportunity to network and learn about post-grad life

5.     You can improve your writing skills and try new styles

6.     Writing articles is a great way to procrastinate

7.     Meeting new students at events like DFAS and the activities fair

8.     Networking with HC alums

9.     Weekly meetings to de-stress and catch up with friends

10.  Learning about the school and sharing everything it has to offer with the community

Jenna Davis is a sophomore at the College of William & Mary studying government and sarcasm.
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