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Top 8 Photos from Obama’s Presidency

Peter Souza, the Official White House Photographer, recently released a batch of his favorite pictures of Obama from his eight years in office. Here are my 8 favorites that show just how genuine and lovable our lame duck is.

  1. Friendship has no party affiliation 

  2. I didn’t know dads could be cool?? 

  3. #relationshipgoals

  4. I want someone to look at me the way Obama looks at pizza. 

  5. When your friend sends a dank meme to the group chat


  7. Irrelephant of your political opinion, Obama is a great human 

  8. #finalsweek 

We’ll miss you, Obama.

All pictures can be found here.

Jenna Davis is a sophomore at the College of William & Mary studying government and sarcasm.
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