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Thoughts on the ‘This Is Us’ Season Finale

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It’s no secret that This Is Us is one of television’s most successful shows at the moment. Its ability to intricately weave difficult and relatable themes throughout each and every episode is one of the many reasons it has been able to captivate a wide range of audiences. I am no exception, as I am glued to my tv screen every Tuesday night, desperate to know how the dynamics of the Pearson family will continue each week. I didn’t know what to expect for the second season finale, however. Since Jack’s death has already been revealed, I had no idea which direction the season would end up going in, but I was not disappointed. Here are some of my favorite highlights of this intriguing episode.

Zoe and Deja

The entire Deja storyline has been very interesting to watch. I honestly expected her to be pretty excited after learning she could stay at Randall’s and Beth’s for the time being. Even so, I didn’t really expect her to take her frustration out on the family, especially since her mom was not resentful letting her go this time around. But, I can’t say that I blame her. Her emotions were rightfully all over the place. When Zoe spoke to her about her experience, particularly with how she handled her anger, I really sympathized with both of them. I liked how Deja was totally honest in that she knew what Zoe was trying to accomplish by talking to her, but that she was also receptive to listening to someone with a similar experience. It was great to see that kind of communication.

The Flash Forward

There are definitely pros and cons to seeing the future because the writers definitely only show us what they want us to see, which never ends up being enough!!! I was relieved to see Kevin actually not suffering for once, and that he ends up finding love after Sophie (although what he did to her was completely awful). Hopefully he won’t mess the next one up! I also loved seeing Tess and Randall in the future, with her helping foster kids. It’s one of those full circle storylines that the writers LOVE. But they totally kept me in agony as they spoke over a mystery person. WHO ARE THEY SEEING?? And poor Toby- what happened to him!! These final moments before the episode’s end instantly made me regret ever doubting that this show couldn’t end on more cliffhangers.

Kate Getting Married

Ugh, there’s just something about weddings that really gets me. Toby and Kate have been my favorites (sans Randall and Beth) since the beginning, and their wedding was just beautiful. I wasn’t happy with the disrespect that Toby’s parents dished out to him before he said “I do”, but all in all, it went by just lovely. Rebecca didn’t overstep in any way, and it wasn’t the Pearson brother’s show. The focus was completely on making sure Kate was okay and that’s the way it should be. I love that her story focuses not only on her weight, but also her relationships, as often plus size characters are not written to be multidimensional.


Even though it was just Kate’s dream, it was really amazing seeing Jack and Rebecca together as an old couple. Even though all of the pieces of the puzzle surrounding Jack’s death have been revealed, I still cannot believe that he is gone. I really liked seeing all of their family and friends together with Jack and Rebecca, celebrating what could have been. I’m still bitter about that slow cooker!

Kate Letting Go

I honestly was not expecting this during this episode. I always figured that one day, Kate would be able to move on in some way past her father’s death. In addition, I also knew that her wedding day would be very difficult without her father. I guessed the more predictable route, with her probably panicking and leaving abruptly, but not that she would come to terms with letting a part of herself go. I think that was really mature of her– that is, to recognize that marrying someone means two becoming one. Kate attaches so much of herself to her dad and his passing, and it would be unfair to Toby if she clung on to a piece of it that was unnecessary. I was really proud of her, and it helped me gain a lot of respect for her.


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