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Terrace Talks: Soul Mates – Realistic or Ridiculous?


“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.” – Sex and the City

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we are forced to take a look at our own current relationships. Maybe you just started seeing someone new. Maybe you’re in  a long-term relationship with someone you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with. Or there is the other possibility: you are single with no current prospects. In either of the situations, February 14th makes one think about love, or lack thereof.

I will admit, I’m an idealist when it comes to the idea of love, marriage, and “soul mates.” The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and 27 Dresses are my three favorite movies of all time. I could watch them literally every day if I wasn’t swamped with a William & Mary course load. Part of the reason why I love these movies to such an extent is because in each story, the characters end up with who they are supposed to be with. True love conquers all; Katherine Heigl and Rachel McAdams find their “soul mates.” Well, technically, Rachel McAdams finds hers twice…

But are these just story-book endings targeted for hopeless romantics like me? Is there this one idyllic person out there who you are destined to meet and spend this rest of your life with? Are soul mates real? Personally, I’m a fierce supporter of the idea of fate and destiny leading you to “the one.” I don’t know this from personal experience (unfortunately), but I’d like to believe it’s real. How cool would it be to know that out of the 7 million people in the world,  there is one person out there waiting to meet you? I know, I’m  crazy to believe in such an unbelievable concept; my friends tell me all the time.

Before I started writing this article, I figured most people on campus would not share my positive outlook on “soul mates.” Although there was an exception, I found my hypothesis to be true. 

“I don’t believe in soul mates. I think it is probably out of convenience that you find someone you’re in love with. However, I think that friends are the best type of soul mates, and I already found mine.” – Sam G. ‘14

“I think that there is no such thing as a soul mate, because I think that there is more than one person for everyone. It would be super depressing if you never met that one person due to a lot of inconsequential happenings.” – Emilie C. ‘15

“I think it’s a really romantic ideal, and something I’d like to believe in, but I’m also a pretty practical person. I feel like the situation and maturity are big factors in whether or not a relationship survives or not, so it’s really hard for me to believe that you might have a soul mate, but does that mean it’s going to work out?” – Kayla M.  ‘13

“I do believe in soul mates, but I believe that you can have more than one. I don’t believe that it has to be the person you are in love with. It could be your best friend, or a sibling, or something like that.” Allie S. ‘15

“I believe in soul mates because I think there are people that are meant for everybody. I think true love is definitely out there.” Gabbie I. ‘14

Regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship, or if  soul mates are real or not, share this Valentine’s Day with someone you love. I know it’s cheesy, but then again, so are most things associated with this holiday.



Lydia is a senior at the College of William & Mary. She is an American Studies major with a Psychology minor.  Lydia is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus: William & Mary, maintains an active role in her sorority, and works at a frozen yogurt shop. This summer Lydia was an editorial intern at The Daily Meal in New York City. 
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