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Super Savings: Make your summer paycheck last all school year!

You’ve slaved away all summer at your internship or part time job, and now it’s back to school with classes and fun with friends.
With all that money burning a hole in your pocket you’re more likely to spend it and not feel guilty. Don’t go broke this year by using these smart money saving tips to limit your expenses and have money left over so you can relax next summer!

Morning Movies. I definitely have a weakness for going to the cinema, especially when there are so many great movies coming out! So, besides limiting myself to two movies every month, my friends and I go to movies in the morning before noon and we get the early bird special. Most movie theaters have something like this, where if you go see a matinee it’s half price.

Rewards programs. A lot of places actually have really good rewards programs-so listen to the sales clerk next time they try to convince you to sign up for something. DSW sends great coupons in the mail to their rewards customers, and if you join Express Next you can earn points that go towards free clothes! Even grocery stores have great programs that give you discounts at the gas station.

Potlucks. If you’re not on the meal plan, you understand how much food costs- and you know how it can all add up! Try to coordinate with your roommate about splitting the cost of groceries and talk your friends into hosting dinner at their place different nights of the week.

Cut back on make up. Try going a couple of days each week without wearing your make up, or at least try to limit how much you put on. If you save your eye shadow and bronzer for only special occasions you won’t end up buying more every other week. Look for deals so that when your favorite mascara goes on sale you can stock up, but while you’re waiting embrace your natural beauty!

Take care of your hair. If you be nice to your hair and treat it right, you can survive longer without getting a haircut. Save yourself a trip to the salon by rinsing your hair with cold water and avoid washing it everyday. If you use a curling iron or straightener a lot, find a heat protective serum that you can apply to your hair to keep them from getting too crispy!

Walk More. If you have a car on campus, the urge to walk places practically disappears as you drive to class, the grocery store, parties etc. Save yourself a trip to the gas station every week by walking to places that are nearby like the pharmacy or gym. Just because you have your car with you doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time! Coordinate carpools with friends where you switch drivers (and vehicles) every week so that you are not constantly using your own gas, and when you finally do have to fill up at the station-choose one with a rewards program (see advice above) that give you discounts or money back to help you save at the pump.

Use this advice and save all your hard-earned summer cash, just remember that it’s good to treat yourself every once in a while. Reward a good grade on a test with a new lipstick or hit up a restaurant with friends after finals. Just don’t blow your budget!

Alexandra is a Junior at The College of William and Mary and has been a huge supporter of the Her Campus team since her Freshman year. She has been a Chapter Adviser and budget coordinator, however her favorite job has been contributing articles to the site. Among writing, her other hobbies include dancing, playing the viola, trying out new sports with her IM team, organizing social events for her sorority, and of course-storytelling. Alex is known to be as fun and feisty as her leopard print wardrobe.
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