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Style Spotlight: The Kinesiology Department Faculty

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WM chapter.

Most of the time we might be too busy or too overwhelmed to dress up for class. It’s not uncommon that you see students show up in yoga pants and their boyfriend’s sweatshirt. However, no matter how much they have going on, including balancing family life with teaching, our professors always come to campus dressed nicely. The Kinesiology Department is one of our favorites; there are always plenty of sweater vests and trendy scarves peeking out of the offices in Adair. These fashion forward Professors make research look good!

From left to right: Randy Drake, Scott Ickes, Patricia Charles, Allison Scott, Michael Deschenes, Camilla Buchanan, Robert Kohl, Robin Looft-Wilson, Raymond McCoy, Brennan Harris, John Charles. 


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