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Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Spring break is finally here! Regardless of your plans, here are some examples of how your week will really go.

1. Going home for spring break

Expectation: Finally, some quiet time perfect for much-needed rest and relaxation!

Reality: What? I have all this work to do? I have a midterm the Monday we get back?

2. Going away for spring break

Expectation: You’ll practically live on the beach, having the time of your life!

Reality: Let’s be real—not only will you not have first-class seats on the plane, but you most likely won’t be going to the luxury location of your choice on a collegiette’s budget.

3. Spring cleaning

Expectation: You finally have time to make your room neat and clean, keeping you calm before midterms!

Reality: Cleaning takes so much effort. If I just spray a bunch of Lysol around does it count?

4. The Weather

Expectation: Finally! Winter’s over and it’s time for some sunshine!

Reality: Williamsburg weather isn’t finished messing with you yet.

5. Studying for midterms

Expectation: You’ll get so much done! You have a whole week to space out your studying and feel prepared for your midterms!

Reality: It’s Sunday night and you’re cramming as soon as you get back to campus for that 8 am Monday exam.

All jokes aside, spring break may not be perfect, but it will definitely be fun no matter where you go or what you do. Have a great spring break—we’ve earned it!

Dana Florczak is an English major at the College of William and Mary, with aspirations of being the boss when she grows up. She loves talking about herself in the third person.
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