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Parks and Recreation: College Edition

The beloved NBC sitcom came to an end Tuesday night after seven great seasons. Here are some quotes that are applicable to the struggles of every college student…

Classes are hard, especially here at William and Mary. Tom said it best when he reminded us that all of our hard work will pay off one day.

When you’re tempted to sign up for every single club at the activities fair, don’t. Pick something you’re really interested in so you’re inbox isn’t flooded with every listserv possible.

You aren’t in college if you don’t order Domino’s at 2:00 am every weekend.

It’s impossible to listen to anything the professor is saying during an 8:00 am, so just pretend nothing they are talking about actually matters.


When you’re struggling to study for that test at the last minute, trying to channel your inner Ben, but don’t make it another ICETOWN.

“Swem is fun!!!!!!!” -nobody

No matter who tells you otherwise, the freshman 15 is real.

If you’re having a rough day, don’t forget to pull a Donna and Tom and treaty yourself to a nap or a Netflix binge.

We’ll all miss Leslie’s waffles and Ron’s hatred of Europe, so just think about the citizens of Pawnee whenever you need a pick me up or think nobody feels your pain. Just remember that breakfast food can fix anything!

Jenna Davis is a sophomore at the College of William & Mary studying government and sarcasm.
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