Painting in Pinks


It's almost Valentine's Day; you have the dress and date set but you need to complete the outfit. And for all you single girls, why not use the opportunity to show off some freshly designed nails?

Milani's "Pink Flare" is a subtle pink glitter that will give your nails the perfect amount of shimmer. Pair it with Mac's Dazzleglass lipgloss, and you are all set for date night.


Let's say you're wearing a solid dress, or just enjoy those bright colors—you should try Color Club's "Poptastic," a neon pink with just the right amount of brightness to make any outfit pop, without looking too flashy. Pair it with a bold lipstick and Lancome's Hypnose Drama mascara to show off that daring side.

For those who prefer the subtle solids, OPI's "Paint My Moji Toes Red" is a tropical pink—perfect for a flirty and fun night on the town.  Furthermore, OPI's smooth application leaves you feeling like you just left the salon.

While french nails are always a classic, in honor of Valentine's Day, here's a "Candy Striped French" to mix in some color. This is a relatively simple design that you can do at home in three easy steps.

1. Apply a sheer base coat and paint the tips of your nails light pink.

2. Once they have dried, create vertical stripes in a brighter pink polish, using the edge of your brush. Don't worry if the bright pink doesn't exactly meet the edge of the painted tips.

3. Finally, apply a skinny silver lining of glitter on the edge of the pink tips and the rest of your nail. I recommend "Sally Hansen's Kiss Nail Art Paint" to leave you with a clean and solid finish.

If you want a more unique design that will get you some originality points, try the "Broken Hearts Brought Together".

1. Start by painting your nails a solid white.

2. On the left hand you are going to paint the top half of a heart. A simple way to break this down is to think of it as two semi circles on the edge of your nail. Simply put the tip of your brush where you want the top of each semi circle to begin, and press down as you finish painting the edge.

3. The right hand will have the bottom half of the heart, which is just a triangle. An easy way to paint a straight line is to place your nail brush diagonally and simply paint straight down to the tip, leaving you with a straight edge. Repeat this, turning your brush towards the other diagonal in order to complete the triangle.

Make it your own with different colored hearts, some polka dots on the edges, or a light glittery top coat.