In Out

William and Mary
United States

For three days, the world held her breath 

Leaves rustled

The wind blew

But it was an eerie silence 

There were people in the street

Everyone was floating in the air 

Waiting for the whispers to be true 

“He’ll win, it won’t happen again”



Black and brown bodies shivered together

Almost anticipating the continuation of an endless winter 

There were tears, fears and blood on the floor 

We all looked in the mirror, with our past selves looking back 

Wondering if this time would be just like before 



That morning, the air was still 

She held her breath, cheeks turning red 

The burn of anxiety and terror mixing into a terrible cocktail

Sitting at the pit of her stomach 

Everyone on edge, trying to break the torturous cycle 



In an instant, the world inhaled and exhaled 

Confetti from the sky, yelling and jumping for joy

The clouds knew it too, blending into a mirage of blues and pinks

Almost blushing with pride at the efforts of their celestial children 

The world was colorful again, shimmering in the sunlight  

Time trekked on, the sand pouring from the hourglass

Peace restored, like waking from a deep paralyzing sleep