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My favorite smoothie recipe!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WM chapter.

Although it’s winter, one of my favorite treats for a dessert or snack is a smoothie! There’s something amazing about being able to blend up spinach or kale and not being able to taste it with all the sweet fruit in it. Here is my current favorite smoothie recipe, feel free to adjust it to what you like.




  • Frozen Strawberries (¼ a cup)

  • Frozen Blueberries (¼ a cup)

  • Frozen Raspberries (¼ a cup)

  • Coconut milk (about a ½ a cup, add more or less depending on your preferred thickness)

  • Spinach (or any other green you like!)




  1. Add all the frozen fruit and spinach to a blender

  2. Add the Coconut milk to the blender

  3. Blend the smoothie, add more or less milk to blend everything together

  4. Enjoy!

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