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My Bachelor Bracket

1. Sienne

The commercial real estate manager is a Yale alumnus who is not only bright, but gorgeous as well and seems to spark Arie’s interest. She’s my top pick for so many reasons.

2. Lauren B.

The tech salesperson is super sweet and fun, and I predict she goes far. Maybe not to the finale, as I have her placed right now, but we shall see.  

3. Bekah M.

Although this nanny may be 15 years younger than Arie, the connection is undeniable. I have doubts, however, that he with be able to overcome the age gap in the very end.

4. Tia

This southern belle is super cute and a physical therapist. I love her to death, but have doubts when it comes to her relationship with Arie.

5. Becca K.

The publicist is another one of the good ones. Although I like her, I have a hard time seeing her progressing to the end. 

6. Kendall

While she may be considered a little out there because of her taxidermy obsession, the creative director is one of my faves.

7. Jacqueline

The research coordinator has not received much screen time, so only time will tell if she is able to stick it out.

8. Marikh

This restaurant owner is by no means a bad choice, but with so many other choices, I cannot see her and Arie together at the end.

9. Jenna

The social media manager has been on my bad side ever since she straddled Arie during some one-on-one time. While she seems like a good person, I do not see her appeal.

10. Ashley

This real estate agent seems super sweet, but judging from her lack of screen time, I do not see her in this for the long run.

11. Chelsea

This real estate executive assistant and single mom is not my favorite and does not seem to excite Arie. I do not think she hangs on for much longer.

12. Krystal

One word: ugh. The fitness coach is not my favorite. I started off liking her in the first episode, but by the time the second episode came around, I could not stand to see her interrupt any more girls or play coy for another second. 

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