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Moey Fox (’13)

Moey Fox

Year: 2013

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Major: English

Activities: V.P of Event Planning in Pi Beta Phi, AMP, Orientation Aide

I know you’ve designed great some t-shirts for Pi Phi, what other kinds of art forms are you interested in? I’m really into portraiture, painting and drawing the most, but I’m also getting into more abstract stuff like collages, inspired by modern art.

You recently won the William & Mary Charter day Student Art Contest for your black and white sketch of the Crim Dell, what’s next? It kind of got me thinking about the fact that I can get paid for my art. Friends and family members have actually contacted me about commissioning my art so I’m thinking about starting a little side business to make some extra money.

What made you decide to draw the Crim Dell, and enter the contest in the first place? It’s one of the prettiest spots on campus and I was walking around and found a cool perspective on it. My art teacher, Nicole Santiago, suggested I enter.

How do you plan on celebrating Charter Day (aside from seeing your artwork all over campus)? I’ll definitely be going to The Roots concert with a bunch of my friends.

What’s your favorite thing about the William & Mary community? I think there is a sense of acceptance on campus and the feeling that you can be whoever you want to be.

What has been one of your favorite memories on campus so far? I really enjoyed the K’NAAN and Wale concert and how it brought the whole William &Mary community together in a way I hadn’t really seen before.

So you definitely enjoy live music, but when you can’t get to shows, what’s the most played song on your Ipod? Right now it’s “Man in the Mirror” by Micheal Jackson, but it changes a lot.

How do you balance your social/extracurricular activities, hobbies AND all the reading/writing of an English major?  I recently broke down and bought a planner, which has changed my life considerably.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully not as a starving artist. I’ll probably be in some sort of graduate school; hopefully I’ll be well traveled and well versed about the world.

Best thing to buy at WaWa at 3am? You can’t go wrong with a medium mac and cheese. Small is too small and large is too big.

Best thing to do on a rainy Sunday? Snuggle on the Pi Phi couch and watch six movies in a row…or any day. 

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