Meet Dr. Katherine Rowe

Photo from William and Mary 

Last week, my friends and I were discussing our excitement to find out who our new president would be.  We were surprised that we hadn’t found out, and nervous about who it would be.  On Tuesday of this week, we were at breakfast together looking forward to a live-stream where our new president would finally be announced.  I was so happy to hear about the announcement of Dr. Katherine Rowe as the upcoming 28th president at William and Mary.  Later that day, I was lucky enough to get to hear her introduction to William and Mary students, and get to briefly meet her.  I cannot find enough words to describe how excited I am for Dr. Rowe as our next president.  She has a great deal of academic experience, as well as entrepreneurial skills.  Personally, I am involved in the Shakespeare in the Dark Club here, and I am super thrilled as she has been a scholar of Shakespeare.   Her love for ultimate Frisbee is endearing, and her clear enthusiasm about the students at William and Mary is obvious.

Sad as we will all be to see the beloved President Reveley retire, I am so incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Rowe to the William and Mary family.


Thumbnail image from William and Mary